Grow Your Brand with Chocolate Drop Forehead Marketing 

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Chocolate Drop Marketing  is a  Forehead Advertising Company Created In Chicago.  The Uniqueness Of This Marketing Opportunity is It Gives People Something To Talk About And A Better Chance Of  Your Website Going Viral!!   In Addition To Wearing Your Temporary Tattoo On My Forehead I Will Take Selfies And Blast Them On All My Social Media Pages And Use Them As My Profile Pictures On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


I am a a marketing and advertising company who specializes in helping you promote your business by using my forehead to generate interest to your businesses website.

For $200  A Day I Will  Advertise Your Website On My Forehead For 30  Days.....Let's Put Our Heads Together!!!

Chocolate Drop Marketing Agency is a unique  start-up that allows   advertisers who are looking to find a unique, quirky and inexpensive way to generate more visitors and leads that can result in sales to your website.  For 30 days  I will wear a temporary tattoo in which I will supply for free if you decide to  advertise  your business website with me!!  This  "Guerrilla"  Marketing Tactic Will Be NOTICED By EVERYONE From All Walks Of Life!!!  Stop  Utilizing Your Advertising Dollars Using Online Internet Ads  Hoping They Get Seen.   Create A Scene And Get Seen!!! 


Get In Touch With Me NOW!!! So We Can Discuss Your Adverting Needs... And YES I Accept CashApp$foreheadadvertising