I have a great new concept that will help your business grow and be seen all over the world and can possibly lead to tons of  leads or sales through your website!!!  I am offering forehead advertising for Tik Tok and Youtube social media content.  I will advertise your website or business logo on my forehead on 1 video that has the potential to be seen all over the world. This can possibly lead to more exposure, more leads, and ultimitely more sales!!!  You will have to be open minded regarding the content your business my be associated with. It is more than likely than  likely your website or businesses logo will be associated with comedy or hip hop related content.  If you are looking to reach this type of audience this is the perfect opportunity for you!!  Your website will forever be promoted with that particular social media content as it will not be deleted. I will mention the name of your business in the beginning of the video  and it will also be promoted in the description. 


Forehead advertising is a type of nontraditional advertising that involves using a  person's forehead as advertising space.

 We are a marketing and advertising company who specializes in helping you promote your business by using my forehead to generate interest to your businesses or website.

Chocolate Drop Marketing Agency

I will wear a temporary tattoo in which you will supply and I will post my social media content on Tiktok and Youtube if you decide to  advertise  your business website with me!!  This  "Guerrilla"  Marketing Tactic Will Be NOTICED By EVERYONE From All Walks Of Life!!!  Stop  Utilizing Your Advertising Dollars Using Online Internet Ads  Hoping They Get Seen.   Create A Scene And Get Seen with my forehead billboard!!! 

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 $200 /Day  (5 Day Minimum)

I Will  Advertise Your Website On My Forehead For 30  Days.....Let's Put Our Heads Together!!!

Chocolate Drop Marketing Agency is a unique  start-up that allows   advertisers who are looking to find a unique, quirky and inexpensive way to generate more visitors and leads that can result in sales to your website.   For $250 per video I  will promote your website or businesses logo on my forehead utilizing social media content being posted on Tiktok and Youtube, I will mention your business or website in the beginning of the video, and I will put your website's URL in the description of the video.  This is a way of owning a piece of virtual real estate forever!!

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We are advertising and marketing  from a local perspective by engaging with social and environmental innovators as well as members of our partner communities.

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Our programs are designed to inspire the next generation of global citizens, driven to achieve sustainable impact both in their home environments as well as for our community and social enterprise partners

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